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Queen of Trends Products Review


Fashion stylist: Dina Tokio

Ooh! Queen of Trends exclusive online boutique with a wide range of scarves, hijabs,jewellery and accessories at affordable prices; Queenoftrends.co.uk.


They sent me this spotty scarf, so lets have a look shall we?


This is nice, nice with polka dots, it's silky material. Normally with silk they're quite small but this is quite big. But what I really, really love from them is this really nice necklace they sent me which I love!....


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Queen of Trends Product Review

YouTube Guru Hijabified Chika


First of all I am going to start of with the flower clip they sent me.... you know what it is used for and you put this on and attach to your bun.... This one is a sheer pink scarf with netting in the middle. I don't normally wear pink but this is really pretty.....they also tailor in Maxi and regular sized scarves, funky scarves, they do everything...


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